het is waar 

believe in your valuable skills


There are people who hear voices and see vibration, waves... Maybe they feel and behave differently. They have another perspective. You could explain to them that the world they perceive is not real, but that only makes them confused. They feel like their reality is not acknowledged by others.
Why should a person live in a reality that does not match their perspective?
Isn't your perspective an expression of your sensitivity?


I want to give an insight into my realitiy through music, visuals, dance and fine arts. Maybe you can gain more understanding towards people who perceive the world differently.


Sounds and performance: Bronquartet

 Oscar Trompenaars, Hannah Koob, Niek Starmans
composition; Xavier Geerman
Visuals: Jolein Kop

Fine arts: Clara sophie and Hanna-lina Hutzfeldt

december 2017